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Hauchiwa Acer Japonicum PSD by Kanji-Hanzi-centerrr Hauchiwa Acer Japonicum PSD by Kanji-Hanzi-centerrr
" Bryce Tree Collection " o16 - " Hauchiwa Kaede " PSD

Photoshop PSD(.psd) files featuring "Japanese Hauchiwa Kaede (Acer japonicum)"

Prepared 5 tree variations featuring the leaves in,
1. freshly green season
2. yellow foliage season
3. autumnal leaf coloration season
4. crimson foliage season
5. fall foliage season
each in,
(A) general Front-Horizontal view and,
(B) a Birds-Eye view ...
... sub-total 10 images each in,
(1) 1280x1280 rendered (white background) PSD(.psd) files with,
(2) 1280x1280 transparent background PSD(.psd) files,
... "super-compressed" each articles in 7-Zip(.7z) Archive files ...
....... whole set archived again in Zip(.zip) file .....

:bulletblue: Preview image in this page ..... 1800x1800 pixel-size base featuring both "front-horizontal view" and "a birds-eye view" simultaneously, added "Ha-Uchiwa" Kanji letters on it as upper layer. Note ! the original images in all files are without this upper layer ... :)

- Rules -
You can use my stock freely on deviantART community !
But you have to credit my account in the description of your any work, and please send me a link to show me how and what you have used and created with my stock.
You can use my stock freely outside of deviantART community If it is for "Non-commercial-use" and make link to my deviantART page for credit individually.
"Commercial-use" of my stock is not allowed under any circumstance without my official permission !

Have a fun !

The written Japanese Kanji letters are only for Japanese languages ... they are mostly known as Yu-Shan-Cu(羽扇槭) among the Chinese languages.
:reading: Acer japonicum ... wiki ... [link]
:reading: Yu-Shan-Cu(羽扇槭) .... in simplified Chinese ... wiki ... [link]
:reading: Hauchiwa Kaede(羽団扇楓) .... in Japanese ... [link]
:reading: Autumn leaf color ... wiki ... [link]
:shoutbox: The original Han-zi letter for Maple, Acer, Kaede(楓) should be Cu(槭) letter and not Feng(楓) letter in the old days ... :p
:reading: Maple , Acer, Kaede(槭、槭樹、楓), Feng-Shu, Qi-Mu(楓樹,槭木) .... in general ... wiki ... [link]

:addtodesktop: Same contents in other formats available ...
:bulletyellow: Gimp Document Image XCF(.xcf) file set(27.6MB) at here, [link]
:bulletpink: TIFF+PNG set(31.9MB) at here, [link]

:blowkiss: Enjoy !
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Submitted on
April 15, 2010
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27.6 MB


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